March 22nd, 2009


The Real Faces

Here is a disturbing look at how far America has fallen. The current "American dream" as expressed by a classful of young people? Food in the fridge, jobs for their parents, and not being constantly afraid of becoming homeless. And they've noticed that the available jobs no longer offer people a chance to live up to their potential.

Poem: "Steal the Rain"

Today is World Water Day. In honor of this, I present the following poem, inspired by this article about Colorado water laws which outlaw many types of water conservation such as collecting rain in barrels or reusing gray water to irrigate plants. You can also read my Gaiatribe posts, "Celebrate World Water Day" and "Sharing Our Water," or visit the Bloggers Unite event page.

Steal the Rain

The rain is not made of silver
nor the sun gold,
and the laws that govern silver and gold
were never made for the rain and sun.

They may say that the rain
does not belong to you,
that the water falling on your face
and the wilting leaves of your garden
and the roof of your house
belongs to someone far away
who paid good money for it
and whom you are robbing
if you try to catch the rain.
But that is the same kind of saying
that once claimed women’s bodies
did not belong to them and
that men had no right to freedom.
These things, too, were untrue
and history has proved it.

The rain belongs to the land
and the plants and the animals
upon which it falls.
If your skin is wet with the rain
then its water is yours,
given by the sky
like the quality of mercy –
but it is only yours to borrow and not to own,
for the nature of water runs free
and even your body can embrace it
only for a time.
You may catch it and use it
according to your need,
but no more –
for nothing in Nature
has any right to more than its own need
nor any right to more than the world has to give.
This is the Law that Nature made,
as old and as true as the sky,
as pure and as clear as the rain,
and this is the only law that the water obeys.

So go ahead and
steal the rain –
breathe the deep air
while you still can.
Steal away home and
dance in the rain
till it beads like diamonds
on your skin.
For the water is life
and there is nothing upon the Earth
more precious than this.