March 20th, 2009


Early Birds

Here is a good article with video about the shift in bird behavior responding to climate change. Birds are nesting earlier, which can put them out of synch with their food sources.

Here at Fieldhaven, there's already a pair of wrens building a nest. Usually birds don't start nesting until April, or May for some species. Some animals are stirring but there aren't many bugs yet. I found the cats playing with a young rat snake today, the snake being too cold to move much. So I picked him up with a stick and moved him to a woodpile where he could hide. I'm still filling the birdfeeders -- the flicker has become a regular at the hopper, and the wrens are fond of the suet.

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Iraq War Update

I saw this article today about the Iraq War and how little we really know about it. Bad things happen when you let a government go to war without keeping records so that nobody really knows how much money is being spent or how many people are being killed.

William Rivers Pitt | Remember
William Rivers Pitt, Truthout: "Six years ago, the United States of America began the invasion and occupation of Iraq. Since then, 4,259 American soldiers have been killed and tens of thousands more have been wounded. There is no accurate accounting of Iraqi dead and wounded, because as we were told, we do not do body counts. Because the Bush administration left its Iraq expenditures off the budget, and because of the tremendous amount of war-profiteering, graft and theft that has been involved, we do not know exactly how much we have spent. For the record, 2,192 days later, this is how we got here."
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