March 17th, 2009


What Is Owed

This article caught my eye today:

Dean Baker | The Granny Bashers
Dean Baker, Truthout: "The granny bashers' theme is that Social Security and Medicare constitute an enormous generational injustice because the young, and those yet to be born, will be forced to pay for the cost of these programs for retirees and current workers. Of course, the reality is that the vast majority of the granny bashers' horror stories about generational inequity stems from the cost of sustaining a broken health care system, not from programs for retirees."

Let me make this plain: A society doesn't have an obligation to take care of its elders because they are of use; they are precious resources, but some are too frail to serve any longer and should not be required to do so. A society has an obligation to take care of its elders because YOU OWE THEM for giving you life, feeding you, raising you, and not throwing your whining teenage self in the lake. An individual may not have the personal skills, financial resources, or other capacity to care for aging parents but it is absolutely the responsibility of society as a whole to make sure that every elder is well cared for. And if not, then shame on the society.

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