March 13th, 2009


Plant Trees to Create Jobs

I was encouraged by this article:

'Green jobs' could help tackle global unemployment: U.N.
MILAN (Reuters) - Planting trees to help fight climate change could create millions of jobs in the face of mass unemployment caused by the financial crisis, the United Nations said on Tuesday.

Some ten million jobs could be created by investing in restoring degraded forests, planting new trees, building forest trails and recreation areas, the U.N's Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) said in a statement.

Why Rush Is Wrong

Here is a very thoughtful essay about what's wrong with the Republican party today, from the perspective of a Republican. For the most part, I'm happier with America's current direction than with its previous direction -- but the author raises a couple of points that I do consider valid: liberal politicians tend to waste money (and my gods are they doing that now) and trample property rights. So we need conservatives as a counterbalance, and they need to be people who aren't so foaming crazy that nobody will listen to them.