February 12th, 2009

Kneading, Cheap Cookin

Tips for Minimizing Food Wastage

Someone posed a question that seemed widely relevant, so I'm pulling it up here to answer.

talix18 wrote: You cook for more people than I (I cook only for me) and I know you grow some of what you eat, but your response of "spice grinder" made me wonder...how do you make sure that you use what you buy when you shop? I tend to avoid certain things (like fresh herbs) because I end up throwing away more than I use. Are you an extremely organized menu/shopping list planner?

I consider myself a moderately organized shopper/planner. Sometimes things do get thrown out, though we try to minimize that. (Food garbage isn't wholly wasted here, because it goes outside for cats, wildlife, and compost.) These are some tricks for minimizing food wastage...
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