February 11th, 2009


Winter Thunder

Our area is under a couple of weather warnings tonight/tomorrow. One is for flash flooding; we don't tend to get river walls here, but fields do flood over the roads. It's been raining off and on for hours -- I can hear the thunder -- and the ground was already saturated from meltwater. The other is for high winds, a more serious threat. Positive thoughts for the safety of Fieldhaven territory and folks would be welcome.

This Week on Gaiatribe


Poetry Fishbowl Report for Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Yesterday's fishbowl was on the slow side; not so many people participated or donated. I started at noon and closed at 9:30 PM since no more prompts had arrived for several hours, so that's about 7 1/2 hours accounting for breaks. I wrote 13 poems, mostly medium and a few long. Two were quaterns, a form I find myself liking. There were 32 comments including mine; 8 people sent prompts.

[EDIT 4/22/09 adding poems]

Several of the fishbowl poems have already been posted:
"The Architects of Love"
"Frontal Exposure"
"The Key to My Heart Is Upside Down"
"Like the Dew on the Leaves"
"Silicon Skin and Carbon Hearts"
"Stronger Than Concrete"

"Like the Dew on the Leaves" happens to be one of the quaterns, a form that works well as lyrical poetry, and indeed a discussion has arisen about its suitability for performance. If somebody wants to set it to music and sing it, that would be lovely.

This month's donors are: jenny_evergreen, minor_architect, laturner, and janetmiles. There will be a poll shortly to determine the poem from the general sponsorship. Thank you all for your support.

EDITED 2-21-09 to add donors and poems.

Generally Sponsored Poetry Poll for February 2009

This is going to be a short, simple poll as the general donation fund contains $10 and there are four poems in that range.

Poll #1347865 Generally Sponsored Poetry Poll for February 2009

Which of the following poems do you most want to see published here?

Frontal Exposure
The Key to My Heart Is Upside Down
Two Wheels, One Road