February 9th, 2009


Intelligent Life on Other Planets

This is a cute article, but 1) it doesn't specify what numbers they plugged into whatever equation they used, and 2) it doesn't specify much about their rationale for the different sets of numbers they used. This is basically like Drake's equation: you can get wildly different results depending on the numbers you choose and why you choose them, and the equation itself doesn't give you a way of checking it against reality.

In other words, it's science fiction dressed up as science. Still interesting to read, though.

Meme: Kitchen Habits

This meme is designed to share your thoughts and practices on cooking. You're welcome to copy it on your blog if you wish.

1) Is your kitchen large, medium, or small?
2) How many people do you typically feed at the main meal of the day?
3) How often do you cook recipes that require assembly (rather than just heating premade items)?
4) What is your favorite heat-producing kitchen appliance?
5) What is your favorite non-heating kitchen appliance?
6) Do you like specialized gadgets and tools, or consider them a waste of space?
7) Do you cook from recipes, by intuition, or both ways?
8) How many cookbooks do you have?

My answers:

1) Large. It's a farmhouse kitchen.

2) Usually 2-4, depending on whether our housemate is home and/or has her suitor visiting.

3) I try to cook serious food at least twice a week. More, if you count things like Hamburger Helper or macaroni & cheese.

4) Crock pot! Today I pulled out the little one to make potato wedges, and put the beef chuck roast in the big crock.

5) Ice cream maker. A very close second is the little spice grinder, essential for shredding ginger root or grinding fennel seeds.

6) I like having the right tool for the job. Some stuff doesn't grab me, but I'm extremely attached to adaptive equipment like peelers with a large soft handle.

7) Both ways.

8) Six shelves' worth. (Thank you, janetmiles, for the boxes of cookbooks.) Plus magazines and pamphlets and binders.