February 8th, 2009


Lucy Online

I was pleased to discover this article about the famous "Lucy," an ancient hominid whose bones have told us much about our distant ancestors. Her bones have been meticulously scanned so that people can study them online.

Lucy is an old friend of mine, and one of my earlier archaeological favorites. When I was in junior high, I discovered a big book about her -- it told the history of her discovery, and the then-current extrapolations of what she would have looked like and how she probably lived. For a budding writer of speculative fiction, and a fan of prehistoric fiction, that was fascinating stuff.

Moon Walking

This evening I went out for a walk after supper. The weather is less cold; the snow and ice have melted for the time being. The ground is soggy and squelches underfoot. The fields were flooded yesterday, but by now, most of the water has receded. Still, there's enough left to catch a glimmer of sky. Mist rises from the soaked earth, veiling the horizon. The wind smells of mud. Someone has a fire going, and the scent of woodsmoke also rides the wind. Overhead, the sky is smoky blue, studded with a few bold stars. The moon is almost full, rich orange against the smoky blue of the sky.

So I walked for a while tonight, under the dim blue sky and the paling moon, with the cool smoke-flavored wind in my face. For now, my soul is full. Time to write. I'm working on a last-minute article for Llewellyn, featuring herbs for beauty care. Yay for people who know I can speed-write to order!