February 5th, 2009


Mega-Snake Fossils Found

I was fascinated by this article about the discovery of giant snake fossils:

Mega-Snake Fossil Found in Columbia

The fossilised remains of the world’s largest snake, a 15-metre, one tonne behemoth that included crocodiles among its favourite foods, have been found in a coal mine in northern Colombia.

The Titanoboa cerrejonensis, meaning titanic boa from Cerrejon, the region where the remains were found, roamed - or rather slithered – the Earth about 60 million years ago, scientists say.

Their findings are based on 180 fossils of vertebrae and ribs, which they believe came from more than two dozen individual snakes.

Writers and game masters, have fun with this!

Economic News Bundle

Today brought another cluster of articles relating to politics and economics.

Here's another criticism of the stimulus. However, almost all the listed items involve construction, repair, or renovation of facilities -- that's the infrastructure stuff making up the less stupid parts of this bill. Only a few items seem directed at feeding politicians' salaries. Most of this money seems aimed at people who make things with their hands. They may be hired by the government, but they aren't Congress.

What Is Congress Stimulating? Themselves.
What's most striking is how much "stimulus" money will be spent on the government itself. The Wall Street Journal's Daniel Henninger goes through the so-called "stimulus" bill and demonstrates how it won't help the "average" citizen, but instead is for the benefit of the government and its bureaucrats. He says Republicans should walk away from it.

Support workers' rights through organizations like Working Families.

According to this article, masses of constitutents are pouring their opinions into Washington, D.C.

Unhappy voters jam Capitol Hill phone lines WASHINGTON (CNN) -- The recent debate over the nearly $900 billion economic stimulus plan and revelations of tax problems by three Obama administration appointees have voters angrily jamming phone lines on Capitol Hill to air their frustrations to their elected representatives. Their reactions are putting pressure on Congress and benefiting watchdog groups on both sides of the political aisle.

Join the chorus by contacting your elected officials to express your views.

I knew Obama was going to do some stupid things, because everybody does. Mostly he's done a fine job. But wow, his choice for Treasury Secretary is terrible.

Runaway Wall Street

It is instructional that only one of the three tax-challenged Obama appointees has survived public scorn to claim a high position in the new administration. Oddly enough, it is Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, the man who will collect our taxes, whose career has not been stunted by his failure to pay them.  What makes Geithner so special? The answer, provided by everyone from the president to the media pundits, is that his services are indispensable because he has the expertise in regulating markets needed to preside over the most massive government intervention in the economy. Are they kidding?