January 20th, 2009


Floating the Notion of Independence

These folks may or may not succeed in creating a eutopian society. However, considering how much the ocean is likely to expand, we really should look into ways of living there.

Live Free or Drown: Floating Utopias on the Cheap
Anyone can build a game-changing social-network platform or a virtual community or a set of open APIs. But the people here want to start a nonmetaphorical revolution by creating their own independent nations. In the middle of the ocean. On prefab floating platforms.

Killer Geese

Writers of science fiction or alternative history might enjoy this post about killer geese, with pictures.


I am remembering the tall white evil geese at Lincoln Log Cabin when I was little. They would whack on the car demanding food. I always thought dire little thoughts about hatchets when I saw them. Killer geese --> elephant gun --> roast goose.

Prayer for the Day

I'm offering this as a daily prayer today. Feel free to join in, substituting your divine patron(s) of choice. If you're on another prayer team covering a different aspect -- frex, ozarque is covering the inauguration attendees -- you're welcome to add that too. Prayer teams can be official or unofficial; some religious groups organize them, and the rest are just based on whatever people decide to make their focus.

Dear gods,
Thank you for sending Barack Obama to help make America a better place. Please get him and his family through today and his term(s) alive and functional. Ashe!

Gaiatribe RSS in LiveJournal

Thanks to haikujaguar for creating this: you can now subscribe to my blog Gaiatribe: Ideas for a Thinking Planet through LiveJournal's RSS at: gaiatribe

John tells me that the traffic on Gaiatribe is rising, so I'm pleased with that. I've gotten a few comments so far. The MyBlogLog community is up to 6 members.

We're still tinkering a bit with the look of the blog. Thesis is a nice theme provided by Geek Universalis Network, different from what I usually pick for myself, but I like the idea of keeping the GUN sub-blogs similar in style. John tried showing me the Wordpress code so I could modify it myself. I don't actually read code, beyond a few fragments of HTML that I've picked up. So we've gone back to discussing possible changes for him to make instead. Still, it would be useful if I could read code. What I've seen of Wordpress support materials is ... vast and nearly opaque. Is there a basic introduction to that stuff? Where do people get started learning that sort of thing?