January 19th, 2009


Glaciers Trickling Away

According to this article, a majority of the Earth's glaciers will melt away in the next few decades, raising ocean levels and possibly causing landslides.

Most glaciers will disappear by middle of century and add to rising sea levels, expert warns

Most of the planet's glaciers are melting so fast that they will disappear by the middle of the century, a leading expert has warned. Figures from the World Glacier Monitoring Service show that although melt rates for 2007 fell substantially from record levels the previous year, the loss of ice was still the third worst on record.

The total mass left in the glaciers is now thought to be at the lowest level for "thousands of years".

Even under moderate predictions of global warming, the small glaciers, which make up the majority by number, will not recover, said Prof Wilfried Haeberli, the organisation's director.


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