January 16th, 2009


Tell the New President What You Care About

Change.gov is soliciting input from Americans on issues important to them. Share your ideas, rate and comment on other people's ideas. The top-rated ideas will be collected into a Citizens' Briefing Book and presented to the new President. He seems like the kinda guy to read them ... and maybe call you, if he decides that you figured out how to save the world, so post thoughtfully.

Carbon-Neutral City

Masdar is a city built to demonstrate green principles:

First Solar to help power UAE 'green' city
ABU DHABI (Reuters) - Abu Dhabi's Masdar said on Thursday it is building the Middle East's largest solar power plant for the carbon-neutral Masdar City.

Half of the 10 megawatt photovoltaic plant's solar panels will be supplied by First Solar Inc, the U.S.-based company said in a statement. Its shares rose 6.5 percent following the announcement.

The $22 billion Masdar City—the green city in the desert—will be home to 50,000 people and 1,500 businesses. No cars will be allowed.

Building a Better Support Network

Here's an article on the idea of a social support network:

Steven Hill | Obama's Stimulus Plan Is Only Half a Loaf
Steven Hill, Truthout: "Imagine a place where doctors still do house calls. Or where child care is affordable, professional and widely available. Or where all new parents are paid to stay home and care for their newborns and they receive a monthly stipend to pay for diapers, food and other daily needs."

I think that Obama's plan, while not sufficient, is a good start. I'm getting very tired of seeing America in the statistical company of -- or worse yet, behind -- undeveloped countries.