January 14th, 2009


How to Make Positive News in Your Life

Here's an essay on how to focus on good news instead of bad news:

How to Make Positive News in your Life
Here at Only Positive News, we share with you all the ways in which people make a positive difference in this world. Sometimes its through sweeping, heroic acts. Other times, its through simple means. We also like to encourage good news in your life by showing you ways to live a little more positively.

Such practices are helpful in family life as well as individual life. Sharing the day's high points with your family helps draw you all closer together.

Family Skills: Planning Ahead

It takes a lot of work to coordinate the activities of several people. Planning ahead makes this much easier than trying to arrange things at the last minute. Sadly, it's under attack from modern innovations like the cell phone, which somewhat reduce the consequences of not planning ahead by making it more possible (but not more easy) to do things at the last minute. For best results, practice this skill early and often.

Here are some ways you can work on planning ahead with your family:

1) Before starting to cook from a recipe, read it to make sure that you have all the necessary ingredients and tools. This is an ideal task for children.

2) January and February are garden planning season (for Northern Hemisphere residents). Look through garden catalogs with your family. Discuss what kinds of vegetables, fruits, herbs, or ornamental plants each person likes. What are some favorite varieties? What are some new things you'd like to try? What do these plants need to grow? Where would you put each plant? Use the answers to decide which plants or seeds to buy. A similar process works in March-May, the planting season, when you may visit local nurseries to buy more plants.

3) Make a grocery list before you go shopping. Children can help list what needs to be restocked; even little ones can help cross things off the list in the store. Shopping lists aren't just for groceries, though -- use them when you visit a craft or clothing store to make sure you buy what you really need.

4) Play strategy games that thinking ahead and making plans. Some free games are available online. Classic strategy games include chess, Chinese checkers, and Risk.

5) Planning makes an excellent topic of conversation at the beginning and end of each day: "What are you going to do today?" "What was your day like?" and "What are your plans for tomorrow?" help keep people connected. Lay down this habit early, and you may be spared a decade of pure "I dunno..." during adolescence. Also include weekly or monthly family meetings for longer-term planning of holidays, vacations, birthdays, and other special occasions. Children old enough to read and have special activities such as lessons or play dates may enjoy having their own calendar.

What other techniques do you use for planning ahead?

Politics: 10 Things That George Bush Did Right

I wanted to link to this article because it seemed fair, after all my criticism of the President's mistakes as I see them, to acknowledge his more positive accomplishments. (I'm not aiming for perfect objectivity in this blog, but I do value balance.) When I actually read the article ... gosh, the author was so busy playing with language that I couldn't entirely figure out whether he was making more fun of conservatives or of liberals.

I guess I'll just throw the floor open to my conservative friends. What do you think are the coolest things that George W. Bush did?

Me, I'll give him credit for creating the largest marine protected area.

Inspiration Tips

This article offers some ideas for sparking inspiration:

22 Sure-Fire Igniters for Inspiration

Our days can be long and tiring. With so much to do, there seems to be little time left for creativity and inspiration. However, we are most effective when we are inspired to think outside of the box in order to find creative solutions to the problems and challenges we face in our everyday lives.

Whether you have writer’s block; contemplating a life-changing decision; or you just need a little nudge to get some things figured out, try these igniters for inspiration.