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Where are the evil players?

 This article just baffles me.  Why is it hard to find people to play evil factions?  Among roleplayers I've known, there were people you had to forbid to play thieves or assassins, etc. or else they'd murder the whole party.  There are griefers on every group game who just like to muck things up for other people.  Why not make a virtue of this and have them play the antagonists against shiny heroes?  There are psychopathic powermongers taking over our very own world through money-juggling.  Surely some of them play, or played, games too and there must be more coming up as youngsters.  It's not like gamers are all heroes.  

I mean, sheesh, if I were into that sort of gaming, I'd be all over  playing villains for a game a two, just for variety.  As it is, I prefer facetime gaming ... so I get my evil jollies as a gamemaster.  I have had hardcore gamers shy away from some of my settings in hopes of finding a modicum of safety somewhere.  Heh.  Yeah.  Playing evil characters can be fun.
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