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Poem: "The Funny Farm"

This poem was inspired by the_vulture and siege.  It was sponsored by the_vulture.

The Funny Farm

It took years for the CIA to figure out
how the KGB managed it, but eventually
they discovered the trick of having
someone's sense of humor surgically removed.

They sent all the government agents
to the newly codenamed Funny Farm to have it done.
It made parties at the White House
somewhat safer, albeit a great deal more boring.

After a while, though, they ran into a problem
with medical waste: the Funny Farm
was plagued by pranks and strange incidents
for which nobody would take the credit or the blame.

Then someone suggested a solution worthy of
old Victor Frankenstein: instead of discarding
the sense of humor after removal,
simply transplant  it into someone new.

Soon the Funny Farm was turning out both
humorless agents and high-powered tricksters.
The latter were sent to Moscow, where they
hacked into the government computers and left viruses

with notes saying, "Thanks for all the laughs."

Tags: cyberfunded creativity, cyberspace theory, fishbowl, humor, poem, poetry, politics, reading, writing

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