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Advance Announcement: 2011 Holiday Poetry Sale

This is an advance announcement of the 2011 Holiday Poetry Sale, as requested by various audience members.  This way you can plan ahead for your holiday shopping and budget if those are concerns for you.

During the week of December 12-18, fishbowl poems from December 2010-November 2011 will be half-price.  You'll be able to buy poems for yourself or as a gift for someone else.

There's a volunteer opportunity here, if someone would like to collect a list of unsold poems with their thumbnail descriptions from the fishbowls.  That's something I can do myself, but it would save time if someone else did.  Contact me if you're interested.
Special thanks to marina_bonomi for volunteering to collate the list of unsold poems for the 2011 Holiday Poetry Sale.

Handcrafted Poetry Pages
I print out poems in a nice font on colorful craft paper.  These are suitable for framing or storing in a scrapbook.  If you want to make poetry into a tangible gift for someone special, this is a great way to do that. See examples.  November through early December are good times for requesting a handcrafted poem for a holiday gift.
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