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Schrodinger's Heroes: Cake is for Aces

I'm posting this in honor of Asexual Awareness Week.

Schrodinger's Heroes  is an apocryphal television show about quantum physics and keeping the Earth safe from alternate dimensions.  If you're not familiar with it, you can browse the menu page.  The following images may make more sense if you have read the descriptions for Melannen's characters and my characters.  LOL_Heroes is a branch of LOL picspam inspired by Schrodinger's Heroes.  See post 1 and post 2.

These pictures all deal with cake as a symbol of asexuality.  Popular phrases include "Cake is better than sex," "Cake for everyone," and "The cake is never a lie."  Full-size pictures appear in the "Cake" scrapbook file.

This birthday cake is in the shape of a black cat, a la Schrodinger.

Schrodinger explains the basic principle.

Alter!Schrodinger can be ace too, and usually appears as black-and-white.

Evil!Schrodinger is often ace too.

Bailey has a cousin named Mary Sue.  LOL_Heroes often portrays human characters as cats or other animals; Bailey is often a brown tabby cat, so Mary Sue matches him.

Sometimes the Teferact misfires and does bizarre things, such as importing character traits from other universes.  Schrodinger would like to be a cat again.

In some dimensions, the Teferact is elsewhere than Texas.

Probably the most effective and popular crossover for Schrodinger's Heroes  is with Diane Duane's Young Wizards  series.  Saash is a feline wizard, who appears in some of the fanfic descriptions.  The other one is random.

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