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Schrodinger's Heroes: LOL Aces

I'm posting this in honor of Asexual Awareness Week.

Schrodinger's Heroes  is an apocryphal television show about quantum physics and keeping the Earth safe from alternate dimensions.  If you're not familiar with it, you can browse the menu page.  The following images may make more sense if you have read the descriptions for Melannen's characters and my characters.

The show is named after Alex's cat, Schrodinger.  Core Schrodinger is a neutered black male.  Thus, like Ash, he is canonically ace and this often shows up in the fanfic.  Ace!Schrodinger appears in various contexts as a champion of asexual awareness and pride.  Alter versions of Schrodinger from other dimensions vary in their characteristics, and are customarily represented by differently colored cats.

LOL_HEROES is a branch of LOL picspam inspired by Schrodinger's Heroes.  It began by featuring core!Schrodinger, often portrayed as ace!Schrodinger.  You can see one example of an alter!Schrodinger below, black-and-white with a black heart-shaped spot.  (A black heart is sometimes symbolic of "romantic asexual.")  Notice that, in LOL_HEROES, the cats customarily speak educated English rather than LOLspeak.  They are, after all, living with quantum mechanics and rocket scientists.  See full-size versions in my "Aces" scrapbook folder.

Tags: activism, gender studies, holiday, humor, science fiction

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