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Update on Kajones_writing

kajones_writing has finished stories for most of the current prompts; I think aldersprig's is the only one left.  The extra prompts from me and from meeksp have been written out.  I like "Samael Shows Richard a Picture" from a picture prompt by meeksp -- this one made me laugh.

These are the stories from my extra prompts:  "Saying Goodbye to Charlotte" features a Samhain ritual in which Anna mourns the memories and personality she lost to amnesia.  "Learning from Lakshmi" follows Callie as she explores another aspect of divine work during Divali.  "An Old Soldier Dies" is a hauntingly beautiful story about Richard coming to collect a soul on Fireworks Night.

The call for prompts is still open if you would like a story about autumn holidays.

You can also read a long, detailed review that I wrote about "The Many Writings of K.A. Jones" over on crowdfunding.  That gives a patron-eye view of the project now that I've had enough time to play around with the cool features such as credits, character adoptions, and naming characters/structures.
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