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Poem: "Door Ajar"

I wrote this as part of the Crowdfunding Creative Jam, posted here as the freebie for this session.  It was inspired by prompts from siege, swirvel42, ankewehner, and ellenmillion.  The Schrodinger's Heroes  project has a menu post.

Door Ajar
-- a Schrodinger's Heroes  poem

Once it has been opened,
the manifold cannot be closed
like a cheap car
whose "door ajar" light
remains stubbornly on
no matter how many times
you slam the door.

The flotsam and jetsam
of the dimensions drift through --
fallen angels and changelings,
vermin from stranger worlds,
the politician fleeing the system,
the lesbian survivor,
the tentacle monster
who just wants to be friends.

The only thing you can do
is stand watch over the door,
improbable heroes steadfastly ready
to deal with whatever comes through.

Tags: cyberfunded creativity, poem, poetry, reading, science fiction, writing
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