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Day made of WIN

Today we went to the Urbana farmer's market.  We picked up ingredients for another batch of spaghetti sauce, and a beef roast for supper on Monday.

We stopped by the magic shop Dallas & Co. where a friend showed us his new toy -- actually a restored antique.  It's a "digger," one of those carnival gadgets that lets you pick up small toys inside an enclosure.  This one was designed as a crane, and the whole thing was powered by a crank turning a long chain around a rather intricate set of gears.  Very steampunk-esque.

We met up with my parents for lunch, which was quite good.  Then we went to Borders for the last of the closeout sale there, where we met up with another family member.  Five of us filled three arm-baskets with books.  We wound up stacking them on a trolley.  And then my parents bought us the trolley too!  (The store is clearing out everything.)  So now we have a sturdy little two-wheeled trolley for hauling heavy boxes full of books, or other stuff.  Of course, I came home with a bunch of books too -- I was lucky enough to find a couple of travel guides for Italy, so that should help with the Fiorenza series.

Finally, my_partner_doug and I went to Prairie Gardens for more flower bulbs.  I picked out a bag of assorted tulips for the purple and white garden, and a bag of fragrant purple crocus for same, then hand-picked various orange and yellow tulips to go around the barrel garden.  Previously my father mentioned that he's getting a big batch of white daffodils, and is willing to share, so that will cover the white garden for me.

It has been a very satisfying day.  I am happy.
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