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A couple of newsbits about poetry crossed my desk today:

Diane Severson Mori:
The most recent edition of Poetry Planet for StarShipSofa - Podcast
Magazine went live on Wednesday, Sept. 7, 2011! It showcases the all 6
winners of this year's Rhysling Award:

CSE Cooney, Dogstar Men and The Sea King's Second Bride
Amal El-Mohtar, Peach-Creamed Honey
Bruce Boston, Dark Rains Here and There
Karen A. Romanko, Binary Creation Myth
Robert Frazier, Wreck-diving the Starship

To listen to the show go here:

-landis-pt-2/ or

You can listen to the show from the website or subscribe via iTunes.

Poetry Planet begins at ca 1:09, so at the end of the show.

Thanks for listening!

* * *
Ruth Berman
Thought I'd let folks know that I have two poems in the current
(October/November) issue of "Asimov's Science Fiction": "Being
One with Your Broom" and "Vampire Politics."

The issue also has two poems by Bruce Boston, "Extended Family"
and "The Music of Werewolves," and one by Geoffrey A. Landis,
"Galileo's Ink Spots Fade into Twilight."

Ruth Berman

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