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Reprints and Derivative Works from the Poetry Fishbowl

morrigans_eve asked me today if it would be okay for her to practice calligraphy using poems from Path of the Paladins, and post the results.  I said yes.

So, this seems like a good time to revisit some parameters for the Poetry Fishbowl.  Sponsors of a specific poem get nonexclusive reprint rights for it.  Series sponsors get the same for the series they sponsor.  That means you can reprint your sponsored poem on your blog or other website if you wish.  It's one of the cool reasons to be a crowdfunding supporter.

Derivative works are a separate issue.  This includes stuff like the aforementioned calligraphy, or illustrations, etc. based on something I've written.  The rule here is to ask permission first -- but I almost always say yes.  (If you're a sponsor, as morrigans_eve is for Path of the Paladins, that does boost your chances.)  Anyone can ask about anything.  I think it's cool when people are sufficiently inspired by my work that they want to play with it on their own.  Consequently I've got a handful of links for artwork, fanfic, and other related tidbits listed under some of the series.  *chuckle*  I've even had one of my poems recorded by a Belgian band who found "Surface Tension" on the web.  There's just no telling what will pop up next.

If you want to sell  something based on my writing, that's possible, but we'd need to work out the profit split ahead of time.  I've done that a few times for various things.  I usually weight the split based on who does most of the work.  Say if you wanted to publish a book, it would lean towards me for the writing; but something art-related would more likely lean toward the artist with a modest cut for my inspiration.  If you're interested, talk to me -- money tends to get my attention.

Anyhow, I'm looking forward to seeing the calligraphy, and I'll link it when it appears.  This will probably take a while; calligraphy and illumination are slow, exacting crafts that require a lot of practice and attention to detail.  But I've had friends in the SCA so I know just how impressive the final results can be.
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