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Poll: Pick Your Free Epic

Donations for the August 2, 2011 Poetry Fishbowl are currently at $317, past the impromptu $300 goal.  I am awed by your generosity.  Thank you all. 

Below are your choices for the free epic.  Everyone may vote in this poll.  I will check it Friday evening, and if there's a clear winner, post the poem.  Otherwise I may leave it open a bit longer.

"An Arm and a Leg" -- 84 lines, $42
A sniper and runner strive to work together after losing major body parts, so that they can continue fighting. This is the second poem in the Clockwork War series, after "A Turning Point in the Clockwork War."

"As Tenuous as Mist" -- 87 lines, $43.50
From this I got "As Tenuous as Mist," a free-verse poem about an artifact created to bestow magic, which sometimes steals the power or even the life from people who try to use it.

"Breakdown" -- 73 lines, $36.50
Corruption and related words mentioned in this prompt are connected by the root "rup" meaning "to break." So "Breakdown" is a free-verse poem that turns linguistics into liturature: the wordplay requested in the thread's title.

"The Canticle of Days" -- 106 lines, $53
Ari learns what it means to follow a paladin, and Shahana shares some of her history. This poem is mostly free verse but includes the couplet-rhymed Canticle of the Traveler within it. It falls after "The Ones They Leave Behind" in the Path of the Paladins series.

Poll #1767234 Free Epic for August 2011 Poetry Fishbowl
This poll is closed.

Which of these epics would you most like to see published?

"An Arm and a Leg"
"As Tenuous as Mist"
"The Canticle of Days"
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