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Impromptu Perk

Wow, look at that fishie go!

$317 raised, first goal MET, second goal MET, THIRD GOAL MET

We've spurted past the $200 goal and last month's $244 record. Right now the total is just $10.50 short of $300. I was not expecting to need a new perk this soon, but you folks are beyond awesome. As it happens, I have several epic poems already written -- "Breakdown" and "As Tenuous as Mist" from this month, plus "The Canticle of Days" (Path of the Paladins) and "An Arm and a Leg" (The Clockwork War). If donations reach $300, I will give you one of those epics free, and you'll get to vote on which.

EDIT 8/5/11: And done. One free epic, coming up.
Tags: cyberfunded creativity, economics, fishbowl, poetry, reading, writing
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