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Series Fishbowl Perk Poll

Okay, we met the $200 goal (and went past it, woohoo!) so you get an extra fishbowl focused on a poetic series.  Path of the Paladins is out of the running since it just got featured last month.  Earlier winners Monster House and the Origami Mage are eligible again. Everyone is welcome to vote in this poll. I'll check it Friday evening and close it then if there's a clear winner. If not, I may let it run longer.

Poll #1767077 Perk Poll for Series Fishbowl in August 2011
This poll is closed.

Which poetic series would you like to see in the extra fishbowl?

Fiorenza, the Italian Herbalist
Monster House
The Ocracies
The Origami Mage
Sort Of Heroes

I'm planning to run this extra fishbowl on Tuesday, August 16. That way it's halfway between the main fishbowls for August and September, which should help with budgeting in case folks want to sponsor extra poems beyond the freebie you get. It will probably run for about half a day, although there is really no telling what my muse will decide to do. Everyone will be invited to participate in the extra fishbowl, although I'm not planning to promote it outside my own blog.
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