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Character Images Gallery

I have updated the "Character Images" gallery in my LiveJournal Scrapbook.  You can now see "Icons by Djinni" and "Scenes by Meeks."  These are two crowdfunded projects that I support as a fan/patron.

djinni does Icon Day sessions about once every 4-6 weeks.  You can request an icon of yourself, a character, a pet, etc.  Tipping gets cool perks; for instance, if tips reach a certain threshold then donors get a second icon.  djinni has illustrated several of my Torn World characters as well as characters from some of my poetic series.

meeksp does Story Sketches in which she illustrates scenes from other people's writing.  (See the call for prompts.)  This is cool because it draws on the extant fan base of the literature; if a sketch gets enough comments and/or donations, it gets refined further.  She has illustrated a number of popular webserials.  For me, she has illustrated a Torn World story and two of my poetic series.  You can see before-and-after sketches of three different scenes, and the "Unfolding Wings" sketch also has a detail image.

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