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Actor Needed to Play Trouble Magnet

The steampunk adventure show Aether Dancer has just announced a contest.  There's a character role open:

“Lord Phelps is a bold, spoiled foppish young man aboard the Aether Dancer strictly for adventure. Though this landed Lord of The Central Empire lives in an illusion of wealth, his family has little more than the rundown manor house they live in. His father has arranged an undesirable marriage with a wealthy landowner’s daughter and allowed Phelps one year of carousing and adventure before settling down. Cap’n Mac was paid a tidy sum for bringing Phelps aboard but often regrets it. Phelps adds to the problem by baiting and flirting with the Captain at every turn. Phelps is a well dressed dandy with a devil may care attitude and completely selfish nature.”
Does this role sound like a fit for you, or some talented actor you know?  Read about the contest to learn how to try out for it.  They're using a clever combination of staff selection, fundraising, and audience input to find someone who is talented and appealing to their audience.  I really want to see how that works out.

Yes, they're putting a trouble magnet  on an airship.  They might as well let him on the Hindenberg  with a pocketful of fireworks.  If this were a roleplaying game and I were the game master, I couldn't ask for more.  I'm glad that I get to watch this from the safety of a galaxy far, far away.

This show is fun already.

Watch their IndieGoGo fundraising page for updates.

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