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Speaking of Patrons

The crowdfunding community has sparked some discussions of patronage and patrons, the people who put the "fund" in "crowdfunding."  These are some relevant posts:

"On patronage..." by the_vulture
"Let's discuss how creators can attract customers and patrons" by laffingkat
"For those who put the 'funds' into 'crowdfunding':" by minor_architect (on her blog)
"So let's look at the demographics, shall we?" by the_vulture

One point that came up in conversation is that much of the traffic on crowdfunding comes from creators rather than patrons.  But patrons are half of the crowdfunding equation; we need those voices too.  We're actually losing people because sometimes patrons look at the community, don't see any patrons talking, and wander off.  That's not so good.

I knew some of my donors were members of the community, so I looked at the membership list.  There are at least thirty  of you there.  Wow.  It would be really spiffy if more patrons would join in the conversations with comments, or post about what projects you like and why, etc.  For those of you on a tight budget, if you're wondering what you could do for me that doesn't cost cash, this would be on the list.
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