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Major Update to Serial Poetry Page

I've made a major update to the "Serial Poetry" page on my PenUltimate Productions website   There are FOUR new sections, wow!  This is the most new series launched in a fishbowl yet.

"Gloryroad Crossing" is about a little hamlet where adventurers come between adventures.  So far there are poems about the barkeeper and the baker who live there.

"The Ocracies" is a setting designed to explore other governments than monarchies in fantasy.  It begins with the Plutocracy of Aurea, seen from the perspective of two different citizens.

"Path of the Paladins" begins with a ruined village and a world-weary hera.  Shahana the Paladin soon picks up a traveling companion.  The second poem in this series shows someone else's perspective.

"Sort of Heroes" introduces Nib and Brod, ex-henchmen of an evil overlord, and the sword that's going to teach them how to be heroes.  The first poem posted was actually written quite some time ago, and just sponsored.  The second poem introduces a friend of theirs; it's reprinted from a fantasy magazine.  The third one was written during the July fishbowl, making this a series, and hasn't been sponsored yet but is listed.

The new Fiorenza poem is also listed, "From the Free City."  It will become available after "Fiorenza and the Witch-Son" is fully funded and posted.

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