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Donor Perk: Give me prompts for Shahana the Paladin

The prompt window is now CLOSED. See the followup poll about the resulting three poems.

The serial poetry poll has designated Shahana the Paladin as the series receiving the free poem, since the July Poetry Fishbowl met the $150 threshold.  She's new this month from the low fantasy theme, appearing in the poem "Shine On," and then "The Ones They Leave Behind" is a sequel showing someone else's perspective.  There is also a new entry on the serial poetry page, "Path of the Paladins," which describes the series and links to the two poems.

The window is now open for prompts, and I'll probably leave it open through the weekend since this tends to be a low-traffic time on LiveJournal.  We have a unique opportunity here.  While this isn't the first time a brand-new character has become instantly popular, it's the first time we've had a chance to put a new character through a focused prompt session like this.  You have almost a blank slate.  You can explore what happens to Shahana and Ari next, dig into the features of the place they live, nose around for other supporting characters, investigate the faith-powered paladin magic, whatever appeals to you.  I have some nascent ideas about the characters, setting, backstory, and magical system; but very little is solid yet.  There's a lot more room than usual to influence major, fundamental aspects that will have an impact on everything else that can happen later.  So wake up your muses and let's make some poetry!
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