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July Perk Poll: Free Series Poem

The July Poetry Fishbowl has met the $150 threshold, so you get a free serial poem.  You can read about the open series on the serial poetry page.  We just did Fiorenza in the last perk, so that series is off the list this time.  However, folks have expressed interest in seeing more of Shahana the Paladin and friends; I'm adding her.  Note that you have nearly a blank slate on this one, with only "Shine On" published and "The Ones They Leave Behind" still available.

Everyone is welcome to vote in this poll for the extra poem.  I'll check the results Friday evening, and if there's a clear winner, close the poll then.  If not, I may let it run longer.  Donors will then get a chance to give me prompts on the chosen series.

Poll #1759730 July 2011 Perk Poll for Serial Poetry
This poll is closed.

Which series should get the extra poem?

The Inkseer
Monster House
The Origami Mage
Shahana the Paladin
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