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Greenhaven Website Updates: Learn About Us

The "Home" tab now has several subpages.  "About Us" gives a general overview of the Greenhaven Tradition and Fieldhaven Coven.  "The Heart and Soul of Greenhaven" is a personal essay by a coven member, describing our philosophy and practices.  "Words To Live By" is a set of quotations speaking to our ideals.

Also new is the "Resources" tab, which currently has one subpage, "Recommended Reading Lists."  This gives ideas for further exploration, both online and in paper.  

The "Cooking Feasts" section of the "Activities" tab is now complete with "Ostara Recipes" and "Beltane Recipes."  Look here for your sabbat feasting needs.

Revisions are finished for "Sabbats" and all its subpages.  The "Home" tab and its subpages have also been revised.</span>
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