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Shrinking Salmon

Scottish salmon are getting smaller and lower in quality, a shift attributed to climate change.  In particular:

He said that by monitoring an unnamed major Scottish river for the past 17 years he had found that the weight of the average grilse had fallen from 5.3lbs (2.4kg) to 3.74lbs (1.7kg), and that its length had shortened from 23 to 21 inches (59 to 54cm).
Prof Todd said he suspected that climate change was the cause of the shrinking salmon as the water temperatures increase and force the plankton that the young salmon feed upon further north.
Not all damage from climate change is obvious. This one is pretty dramatic as animal populations go, but isn't the kind of thing visible at a glance. You have to look closely. So, consider how many other effects we are not noticing because nobody has examined the data.
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