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Poem: "Redrawing the Lines"

Here is today's freebie poem, inspired by kyleri.

Redrawing the Lines

Thou art God.
Thou art Goddess.

Thus the lines are drawn,
men in this circle,
women in that circle.

Where do I stand?
When do I stand there?
What do I wear while I'm doing that?

I am neither here nor there,
this nor that.  I am as much
male as female,
feminine as masculine.

In what aspect of the Divine
do I see my reflection?

"Ahey, sister," says Trickster,
settling on my left shoulder.
He is wearing a loud pink skirt
and a brassiere stuffed with flowers.

"Ahey, brother," says Trickster,
settling on my right shoulder.
She is wearing leather pants
and a huge phallus made of paisley cloth.

He hands me a pointed stick.
"It's time to draw your own lines,"
he says, so I scratch a circle
around my bare feet.

She hands me a drum.
"It's time to dance to your own beat,"
she says, so I flatten my hand on the head
and make music.

Soon all of the men and women
are staring
at my divine madness.

Tags: cyberfunded creativity, fishbowl, gender studies, paganism, poem, poetry, reading, spirituality, writing

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