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Torn World: "Without Fail" and "Deathfin"

You can now read my story "Without Fail" over in Torn World, with an illustration by meeksp.  (Comments, links, and donations for the artwork may be directed to its post on LJ or Dreamwidth.) This is an adventure at sea.

The license masters were the worst. Brelig disliked dealing with mainland license masters, but he couldn't avoid them forever. They always looked down their noses at people who had to work for a living, especially people whose work tended to leave conspicuous marks. Today's pest seemed to be poured from pure milk: long white-blond hair as fine as floss, pale blue eyes, skin so fair that the veins showed through in blue rivers. He wrinkled his delicate lips as Brelig approached.

Brelig glanced down at himself. The same old swath of dream rash swept down his right side, tiny white crescents marring the rich tan of his skin. The deep pucker in his left thigh still showed an angry red from last month's encounter with a soldierfish's sharp snout. His left forearm ended at the wrist, hand bitten away by a giant sea turtle and replaced by a gleaming sickle of steel. Brelig swept his gaze up and up then, meeting the eyes of the giant who stood nearly twice his own height. "Beautiful morning, License Master Alaaffi," he said evenly.
Along with this comes a new sea monster article, "Deathfin," covering the species featured in the story.
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