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Humans and the Planet

I was initially intrigued by this article, but it falls prey to the very problem it describes.  It's all about how humans have a hard time thinking in large scale.  We're not in control of the planet.  (Anyone who thinks we are should look at the results of recent tsunamis, earthquakes, meltdowns, and the Mississippi River deciding to take a stroll.)  What we have is an unprecedented amount of influence.  We're in charge.  We're not in control.  The difference is crucial and dangerous.  If people don't realize that the Earth requires our care now that we're capable of messing with its systems  on a serious scale ... we're going to wind up crunched under the wheels of evolution.

Oh, and we're not the first species to modify an environment to our own advantage.  Trees do it too -- especially redwoods.  I'd advise studying their methods.  Those work better than what humans have been diddling around with.
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