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Feeding the Wildlife You See

I usually don't feed the birds much in summer, but this year I'm experimenting.  For the last week I've been seeing goldfinches and indigo buntings all over the patio.  So, I bought them a thistle sock and hung it near the hopper feeder, in the woodland garden where the honeysuckle bush and sapling trees stand outside the kitchen window.  I also put a brick chip in the abandoned dog dish and started keeping that full of water.  It's not the kind of water feature that bird are "supposed to" like, but it's where they're going.  I can work with that.  When I got up this morning, these were the results ...

Grackle: "Is a box!  With food ins!"
Goldfinch: "Is a sock! With food ins!" 
Hummingbird: "Is a bush!  With food ins!"

Indigo Bunting: "Is a box! With food ins!"
Sparrow: "My box!" *peck*
Indigo Bunting: *flies away*
Sparrow: "Is a box! With food ins!"
Me: "Hey, Indigo Bunting, you're a clinging bird.  You can have sock food.  That's why I bought it."
Indigo Bunting: *flies back to hopper feeder*  "My box too!" *PECK* *flutter*
Sparrow: *flies away*
Indigo Bunting: "Can takes care of self.  Maybe tries sock food later tho."

If I remember, I may dig out my hummingbird feeder and fill that.
Tags: birdfeeding, illinois, nature, wildlife
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