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The Three Micahs on Pricing

haikujaguar has the posted first two parts of a three-part series on pricing.  Part 1 deals with value and competition.  Part 2 deals with market awareness and gating.  Part 3 is due out on Monday and will deal with practical applications of these theoretical concepts.

I was particularly intrigued with her observation that pricing in ebooks can serve as an indication of size.  Frex, it makes sense to sell a novella or novelette for $.99 because these are shorter than full-size books.  (The range between short story and novel has been referred to as "the gutter" because, while the stories may be excellent, there are almost no conventional markets for them.  Ebooks save the day!)  Novel-length ebooks are more likely to have higher prices.

Remember, "The Three Micahs" project is crowdfunded.  Please tip the author if you find her brilliant business writing of use.  I'm brokeass broke myself, but I boost the signal because I value the material.
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