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I thought that I did a post on this some time ago, but if so, I couldn't find it.  So I'm collecting a list of photography resources.  xjenavivex and I have been discussing how to shoot good pictures.  Sadly I could not find anything like the excellent site I turned up a couple years ago, which had all the photographic principles (composition, colors, lighting, contrast, etc.) laid out in detail, with color illustrations.

Basic Principles of Photography -- start at square one and learn the fundamentals.

Basic Photographic Techniques -- a thorough introduction to creating good pictures.  Covers subject placement, lines, patterns, contrast, framing, perspective, lighting, sequences, and more.

Photography Tips for Beginners and Beyond -- tips for specific topics such as storms or pets.

Photo Net -- basic tips, specific techniques, specific topics, and much more.

Photography Techniques & Tips -- how to articles on shooting, image processing, sharing, and many other activities.  Specializes in digital equipment.

Outdoor Photography Techniques -- lots of articles on shooting particular occasions or concepts, plus tips on printing, photoshopping, etc.

Nature and Wildlife Photography Tips Center -- specific topics like winter or flowers and techniques like editing or shooting through a window.

Digital Photography Tips and Techniques -- lots of little articles on specific techniques, topics, or situations.  Specializes in digital rather than film equipment.  (Yes, that makes a huge difference.  My results are totally different across the two media.)

Digital Photography Tutorials -- one-page nutshell introductions of concepts like aperture, tools like fill-in flash, techniques like sharpening photos, etc.

Photography Composition Articles -- lots of articles about how to compose good images

Top 10 Photography Composition Rules -- a short article with good examples
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