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Torn World: New Bit Characters

Three more bit characters are posted in Torn World, variously appearing in some of my stories and character sheets.  Remember that if you're a Torn World member, you can adopt characters and influence what happens to them.  Supporting members get a free character adoption with their subscription.

Yothena, a talented crafter, appears in Amirel's character sheet.  Yothena is the mother of Amirel and grandmother of TekuraShe contracts a mysterious wasting disease in 1495, and eventually dies in 1498.

Ibarna is a teacher of parenting skills in the story "The Empire Trusts You" (supporters only).  She is quite attractive with curly black hair, dark brown skin, and brown eyes.

Malem is a records clerk who works with Unafari in "The Shades of Yesterday" (supporters only).  Malem is a mother of twins, and she enjoys sewing.  She appears again in a story I'm currently writing, "The Green Speech."
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