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Earth Day Activities

Today we went out to the Douglas-Hart Nature Center for their Earth Day festival.  They had some interesting booths, including a local photographer with notecards, a display on oil-slick cleanup methods, and a local organization for forest management that had a plant order form for native plants.  There was a rummage sale in back.  We got to meet up with the same folks from yesterday, too.

I did manage to dig up a bunch of plants, mostly natives, to take to the plant swap.  There were some black-eyed susans already there, so I picked up a few of those.  Most of what I got was actually trade off the plant sale table, plus a couple Little Bluestem from the greenhouse, courtesy of their plant expert.  Sea OatsSide-Oats Gramma, Closed Gentian, Wild Prairie Petunia, and Purple Prairie Clover.  I'm also on record for getting some pots of Big Bluestem and/or Prairie Dropseed when those get big enough to plant -- they've just been started so it'll take a few weeks.  Some of the plants I got today are tiiiiny so will require extra care and hardening off before they can be planted outside.  We'll see how they do.  I checked the stuff I planted from Celebration, though, and they all seem to be surviving despite the rough weather.

We went outside for a little while, and saw a fox squirrel stripping bark from a tree.  It was cute to see her stuffing her mouth so full of fiber.  We think she's building a nest -- there was a partly finished one in a nearby tree that looked to contain more bark shreds than deciduous leaves (usually the preferred material for squirrel nests).  The weather was damp and intermittently sprinkling rain, but at least not pouring; the team of tree planters seemed able to complete their project. 

All in all, it was a very enjoyable Earth Day. What are you doing for Earth Day?
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