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Bullying Linked to Other Problems

I'm not at all surprised by this study, but I'm glad to have verification.  Bullying is linked with a host of other problems, especially domestic violence, both for bullies and their victims.  Also connected are higher rates of suicide and substance abuse.  Recommendations include school programs to prevent and stop bullying, with attention to the families and home life. 

Now, this is another way in which someone else's problems can become your  problems.  A victim of domestic violence at home could come to school and pound your kid into the floor ... or grow up and enter a relationship with them.  Efforts to stop domestic violence make the whole world a safer, saner place for everyone.  Lowering the overall level of misery and malfunction helps keep problems from snowballing until they spill over from one individual or family to others.  So take care of each other.  Enlightened self-interest is good for everyone.
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