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Veil Types

I liked this illustrated guide to veil types, as worn by Muslim and Hindu women.  Writers may find it useful.  (Many of my desertfolk, not all of them female, wear various types of veils and other coverings; mostly for the same practical reason as Middle Eastern people do, but some for cultural reasons as well.  More variety in designs, though.)

I'm really disgusted by people's attempts to ban veils.  You wouldn't want someone to order you to walk around naked, would you?  Because that's how some Muslim women feel about going unveiled: naked, and violated.  That certainly isn't going to make them think that Westerners treat women with respect, nor is it generally a good precedent to make laws forcing women to dress according to someone else's desires.  In particular, since it's mostly white men pushing to ban the veils, this can be construed as another count of them helping themselves to women of color. 
Tags: ethnic studies, gender studies, news, spirituality

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