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Poetry Planet

This crossed my desk recently, from Diane Mori:

I'd like to announce the appearance of the first installment of Poetry
Planet on StarShipSofa's podcast. Show No. 184 includes the segment
featuring poetry by Laurel Winter and Bruce Boston. It's in the first
slot, so within the first 10 minutes. Go to http://www.starshipsofa.com or
download it from iTunes.

My intention is to produce Poetry Planet on a monthly basis. This month
more or less just presents the idea, SFPoetry in general, National Poetry
Month and the Rhysling Award Candidates' Announcement. Next month my idea
is "First Contact". If you have written a poem that could be (even
loosely) described in that fashion, and you'd like to hear it on Poetry
Planet, please submit it to me by the end of April. Also, if you know of
any relevant news please feel free to let me know: divadiane at web.de

Tags: networking, poetry, science fiction

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