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Featured Character: Omorth

I know that I have some ace friends in my audience, so I thought you might be interested in this ...

Today's featured character over in [info]torn_world is Omorth, who is asexual.  Omorth is a dancer who dreams of traveling the Empire.  Omorth's specialty, the Trefoil dance, is done in threes with one no-gender dancer, one male, and one female; Omorth has a very close nonsexual relationship with both dance partners.  

This character is adoptable.  Adopting characters means you get control over what happens to them; that makes it easier to write stories about them, draw them, or make arrangements for other people to do so.  (Adoptable characters can be used by any contributor; it's just up to the Canon Board to approve use.)  If you want to see more material that portrays asexual characters in a positive way, this is a good opportunity.  The "Start Here" page for readers gives a general introduction to the shared-world Torn World, and details on character adoption appear under "Character Creation and Ownership."

If you're not sure whether you want to get involved that much, you might want to dip your toe in the water with the Muse Fusion this weekend, running from Friday evening and closing sometime early on Monday.  The call for prompts will appear in [info]torn_world and you can ask for anything you'd like to see more of, including Omorth or other asexual characters.  (You might also check out the healer Kalitelm, who could be interpreted as ace or celibate depending on how you draw the lines.)  Contributors pick prompts to write or draw or otherwise play with.  Most contributors will show their work to the prompter who inspired it, even if the piece itself will be submitted as accessible to supporters only.  The Muse Fusions are a lot of fun, and everyone is welcome to come watch or post prompts.
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