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See a sketch of "unfolding wings"

I posted about this last night, but apparently cyberspace ate it ...

You can now see a sketch of the scene from my poem "unfolding wings" drawn by meeksp as part of her new crowdfunding project.  The split framing is clever, the characters look adorable, and she totally nailed the setting details.  I am thrilled.  The other Origami Mage poems are linked from the "Serial Poetry" page on my website.

Would you like to see this terrific picture developed further?  You can help by leaving a comment of substance (i.e. more than just "cool" or "meh" -- try mentioning a favorite detail) and/or by making a donation.  There are thresholds at which the most popular sketches will get refined, or even painted.  Since I'm too broke to support crowdfunding the way I'd like to, I am weighing in with comments instead, and also hoping to drive more traffic to this delightful project.
Tags: art, cyberfunded creativity, networking, poetry

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