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Call for Prompts: Illustrator Seeks Inspiration

meeksp has launched a new crowdfunding project.  Writers are encouraged to send prompts consisting of scenes from their work.  Both donations and thoughtful comments are encouraged.  There are lots of cool perks that will happen if comments or donations reach certain thresholds.  Especially interesting is that sketches will be posted, and people can sponsor further work on a sketch that they love.

I think this is a cool project with a lot of potential.  The artist's work is charming, and this is a terrific opportunity for writers to get illustrations of their work.  If you have a lot of fans for your weblit, you can route them to this project to boost activity for a sketch of your character(s).  Plus it will offer a place for people to explore new stories if they think a given sketch looks interesting.  Please help make this project a success by sending prompts, leaving comments, donating, boosting the signal, etc.
Tags: art, cyberfunded creativity, networking, weblit

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