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Poll: Line Numbers in Epic Poems

When I write epic poems (61+ lines), I have a tendency to put line numbers in the margin, counting off by 25.  It helps keep place in the poem and remember how many lines there are.  I've started including those when I post epic poems, rather than leaving them out.  You can see an example in "The Truth in the Tower."

Someone mentioned that such numbers could be distracting because they can look like part of the poem, although I do put them in red to distinguish them from the regular text in black.  They might be more useful on microfunded poems than poems posted whole; I find them useful on both, but other folks may vary.  I'd like to know what you think about this.

Poll #1728249 Line Numbers in Epic Poems

How do you feel about line numbers in epic poems?

They're always helpful. Keep them in all the epics.
They're always distracting. Remove them from all the epics.
They're okay on microfunding epics, but should be removed from epics posted whole.
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