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Generally Sponsored Poetry Poll for April 2011

You have $20 in the general fund.  There are four $15 poems left: "Back to Back," "Catering to the Masses," "Lab Partners," and "Pig Tales."  There are two $10 poems left: "Anomalies of Mind and Time" and "Buggered Up."  You also have the option of routing funds into the ongoing epics "Paper, Scissors, Stone" or "The Truth in the Tower."

Poll #1727769 Generally Sponsored Poetry Poll for April 2011
This poll is closed.

How would you like to distribute the $20?

$15 for "Back to Back" and $5 toward an epic
$15 for "Catering to the Masses" and $5 toward an epic
$15 for "Lab Partners" and $5 toward an epic
$15 for "Pig Tales" and $5 toward an epic
$10 for "Anomalies of Mind and Time" and $10 for "Buggered Up"
$6 to finish "Paper, Scissors, Stone" and $14 toward "The Truth in the Tower"

If an epic gets $5, which should it be?

"Paper, Scissors, Stone"
"The Truth in the Tower"
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